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Cornea is a transparent layer forming the front of the eye.


If cornea is damaged by disease, infection or an injury, the resulting scars can affect your vision. They might block or distort light as it enters your eye. Symptoms of corneal diseases include Opacity on the cornea, pain in the eye, sensitivity to light, reduced vision or blurry vision. Redness or inflammation in the eye, headache, nausea and fatigue.


Investigations in corneal diseases include Corneal Topography, Pachymetry, Anterior segment OCT, Meibography, Tear Osmolarity, Anterior Segment Digital Photography.


Penetrating keratoplasty, Lamellar corneal surgeries, Pterygium surgery, Comprehensive management of Stevens Johnson syndrome, Chemical Injuries, Ocular allergies, Ocular surface disorders and Corneal Tattooing.
The significant conditions seen in the clinic are Corneal Ulcers, Corneal Dystrophies and complications or Epidemic Kerto Conjunctivitis.